The Colors of the Mountains in Spring

In the spring, the mountains put on an array of beautiful colors.This color
scheme provides a sample of the many vibrant colors that can be found.

Mountains in Spring-Color Scheme
Wildflower Red: Wildflower Yellow: Spring Bud Green: Sky Blue: Wildflower Purple:
#FF2F1D #FFFF2D #4AFF2F #3892FF #8E2FFF
rgb(255,47,29) rgb(255,255,45) rgb(74,255,47) rgb(56,146,255) rgb(142,47,255)
hsl(5,100%,55.7%) hsl(60,100%,58.8%) hsl(112,100%,59.2%) hsl(213,100%,61%) hsl(267,100%,59.2%)