The Best Mid-Travel Mountain Bikes of 2020

A comparison of the cost, rear travel and wheel size of some of 2020's nicest mountain bikes.
Bike Make and Model Cost Rear Suspension Travel Wheel Size
Ibis Ripmo V2 $5,899 147mm 29 in.
Yeti SB130 TURQ $6,900 130mm 29 in.
Santa Cruz Hightower $5,199 145mm 29 in.
Have another bike you think should have made the list? Let us know! We might just add it. ;)

A few takeaways from the facts:

  1. Yeti's are expensive, even for someone with Chanpagne taste.
  2. Santa Cruz's Hightower is a good deal on a long travel bike.
  3. Is the Ibis Ripmo's cost increase worth 2mm of rear travel?
  4. There is a reason why all three of the very high-end bikes
    on this list have 29" wheels. Admit it.