Types of Trails

There are many different types of mountain bike trail. This is great because it means there are a variety of challenges to keep things interesting. This page goes over the different styles of trail that can probably be found at your local trail system.

Flow Trails

'Flow trails' are smooth trails that are generally machine-made. They can be found in a variety of difficulties, and generally have many features to help riders progress. If there are flow trails at your local riding spots, consider yourself lucky. Due to the costs of building them, they are a rare and very fun treat for most!

Singletrack or Tech Trails

The large majority of bike trails fall under the 'singletrack' or 'tech trail' category. These are narrow, hand-cut trails that navigate tricky terrain. While generally more difficult, this type of trail provides a unique opportunity to improve your bike-handling and body positioning skills. Depending on the difficulty and specific landscape, some features may be found. Beware that features on tech trails are generally not man-made, and therefore can be a lot more sketchy and dangerous!

Doubletrack or Fire Roads

'Doubletrack' or Fire Roads are a great way to get into mountain biking. They are wider than other trails, and can often get you out in the mountains just like singletrack. They give riders a great chance to get used to what their bike feels like on dirt, and can even provide some introductory technical riding. As you gain experience, you will begin to find yourself climbing up fire roads in order to access the tech or flow trails which spur off from them. This is less enjoyable than going down them, but the views and downhill trails are worth it!

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